Morris Traveller on Bangers and Cash

The Bangers and Cash Morris Traveller & Rob Minty

Rob Minty took delivery of the Bangers and Cash Traveller from the Mathewson’s auction rooms in Thornton-Le-Dale in November 2021.

On first inspection she looked great, a lot of time had been spent repairing and painting her.

However Rob soon realised that to get the her back to original condition, a lot of the work would need to be redone. The main problem being the woodwork, the original wood that had been patched and filled to look ok but in fact really needed replacing.

So Rob’s first job was to remove the existing wood which turned out to be rather  more difficult to us than usual, many of the old repairs where secured using many extra screws and nails that needed to be carefully removed or cut in order to successfully remove.

Having checked the underside chassis and floors and made necessary repairs , Rob then turned his attention to the upper body work. Both front doors showing signs of repairs also all wings not looking straight so we decided to replace all with new.

This now meant Rob would need to fully respray her, so he removed engine / windscreen and interior also  dashboard strip down etc then off to the paint shop she went.

It seemed appropriate that as this car has a Hull registration and our ash wood is sourced not far from us in Yorkshire, this Traveller is keeping a local theme.

On the return of the Traveller, we could now start the rebuild, firstly completing the fitting of the complete new wooden frames. The newly painted quarter panels fitting inside the wood frames then wood frames fitting to the car, followed  with  rear doors and all accessories, sliding rear glass, rear wings, door seals etc.

Next was to replace front grill and  new chrome work , headlights and bumpers

With engine checked and re painted it was time to refit and test, all ok.

Thinking carefully about the interior of the car we thought it deserved renewing, so all carpets , head linings, side panels etc and as the original front seats where badly worn let’s fit the upgraded

Bucket style seats designed for the Minor

So a chance to own an iconic, thoroughly British Classic Car. A real head turner that would not look out of place at any classic car show. Also practical, plenty of room in the back to get the shopping in or take the kids and dog to the beach for a picnic.
Take a trip back in time (flux capacitor not included !)

She is currently on the market and open to offers. See our “For Sale“ page for more details.
Delivery available UK and Worldwide.
Don’t forget if you would like your Traveller to receive the same restoration just contact Rob Minty at Traveller Timbers and let him know.