Bodywork and Paintwork

Our experienced restoration team first works from the ground up to make sure all chassis, floor panels and upper bodywork is of good metal, condition and strength. Only after making sure the bodywork is sound, repairing or replacing as needed, do they then seal the underfloor parts and prep the car for its respray. This approach to good craftsmanship means you can be sure of a lasting and quality paint finish for many years to come. Our full professional respray service can include all internal and external areas such as the dashboard area, engine bay and door posts. No two owners have the same vision and we’re here to help make your dream a reality. So, whether you want a classic colour for your faithfully restored pride and joy or to give your Traveller a twist with a contemporary colour, we’re always delighted to advise you.

Interiors: Renovation and Restoration

Loving these cars inside as well as out, we take on projects ranging from high-end custom renovations to cost-effective ways of repairing and rejuvenating existing interiors. Renewing seat covers, carpets, head linings and door cards can substantially improve the look and feel of your car as well as dampening the sound of road and engine noise. All our high-quality leathers, vinyls and fabrics come in designs and colours to suit every taste, allowing you to choose an upholstery scheme that will suit you and your car to a T. We can also help with any interior upgrades you’d like whether it be for style, comfort, safety or entertainment. Replacing your original seats for bucket style seats with an in-built headrest for example will add to your safety and comfort on long journeys, without compromising on the vintage look. Others love adding a modern twist and ask us to install features like integrated sound systems and new engine performance dials. So, whether you’re looking to upgrade sensitively or wanting some decidedly modern additions, we’re always more than happy to help you build the car that works for you.

Traveller engine and mechanical restorations

Our reputation has been built on the quality of our workmanship over the last 30 years by always putting safety, reliability and lasting service at the heart of everything we do. For example, we only fit engines and transmission parts that are new, or have been professionally repaired, and put all braking and electrical systems through a series of stringent checks. To give you full assurance that you’re receiving a safe and well-maintained vehicle, every car leaving our workshop carries a full Ministry of Transport (MOT) Test Certificate. For new and old customers alike, we’re always happy to quote for any repair, routine maintenance or MOT work your car may need. Please do get in touch, or call into our workshop for a free, no-obligation quote.

Upgrades and Modifications

As enthusiasts ourselves, we love these cars and would like nothing more than to keep them faithful to their original classic form. But, the reality is, they hail from another era. Our busy, modern roads can make driving them a challenge, so we offer upgrades and modifications to help keep the driving experience as enjoyable as we believe it should be. We can improve performance, handling, stability and comfort with a more powerful engine and gearbox combination; high quality front and rear telescopic suspension kits; and modern alloy wheels and tyres. For safety, we can replace original drum brakes with front disc brakes if required, or add servo-assisted brakes at a much lower cost while still improving brake performance. We can also convert Travellers to left-hand drive for export and can replace the rear metal panels with California style wood panels very cost effectively at re-wooding stage. As with all our services, we are always happy to listen to your needs and give you the best possible advice based on your budget.